nmbd errors

Dennis Lovelady love_d_e at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 22 07:05:39 GMT 2001

Hello.  I have just installed samba as shipped with RedHat's 6.2 version.
The nmbd version is 2.0.6.

I'm unable to connect using my Windoze workstations.  The log.nbd file
contains the following:

[2001/01/22 01:48:52, 0] libsmb/nmblib.c:send_udp(755)
  Packet send failed to ERRNO=Invalid argument
followed by 20 other similar errors, including:
   Failed to send packet trying to register name LEYA.

The 192.168... reference above is, in fact, the correct broadcast addy for
this network.  Connection from another Unix system seems to work correctly
in spite of those errors, but I have a feeling the clue is in this log.

I'd appreciate any advice.  Thank you.
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