Problems with SAMBA and MS Whistler (Build 2410) Pro

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Sun Jan 21 14:40:15 GMT 2001


    I have a home-network consisting of a Win 98 box, a Win NT 4 box,
    a Win2k (now Whistler) box and a Linux 2.2.16 Server acting as
    internet router and WINS/FileServer for the windows boxes.

    Now after I updated the Windows 2000 system to Microsoft Whistler
    Beta Build 2410 I am no longer able to access the Workgroup hosted
    by the WINS-Server or any shares in it, if I try to access it from
    within explorer (I get the Message: "Ghetto [name of the
    workgroup] is not accessible.\nThe network is not present or not
    started."). An ipconfig call from whistler shows that it has the
    correct ip-adresses assigned for itself and dns/wins/gateway and
    that it is using the correct node-type for wins (peer-to-peer).

    The server is running samba 2.0.7 and password encryption is

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