Network dropouts with larger than 5mb tranfers ???

Christopher D. Reimer creimer at
Sun Jan 21 06:43:10 GMT 2001

At 08:29 PM 1/20/2001, lunix wrote:
>Hiya peeps,
>                 I am succesfully using samba 2.07 (installed from 
> tarball) on a redhat
>7.0 server. I have domain logins and roaming profiles werking perfectly.
>The only problem I have is when more than 5mb is moved at a time to a
>samba share the network  completely drops out. I then have to do
>/etc/init.d/network restart to recover. I have the following hardware :

I have the same problem using a SuSE 6.3 installation, typically when doing 
a batch transfer of 100MB+ of files while using Windows Explorer, and the 
network access on the Samba server dies completely.  I was previously 
informed on this list that this wasn't a "samba problem" and more likely a 
kernel/network/something problem.  The only work around that I found is to 
use a non-Microsoft file browser, such as 2xExplorer.

Christopher Reimer

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