WTSE and Samba

J.B. LaRue jb.larue at peregrine.mila.com
Thu Jan 18 22:59:33 GMT 2001

I have been reading (and reading) the samba mail list for a couple of
days trying to find the answer to a problem I'm having with Windows
Terminal Server and MetaFrame. I just migrated from WinFrame (NT 3.51)
and now don't have any locking going on with Samba on Linux 6.1. It
worked great on the old WinFrame box.

User A opens an Excel spreadsheet. User B opens the same file, but
doesn't get the message that user A is in it. They used to get a message
with the option to open it read only or wait to be notified that user A
was finished. Now, user B can't save the file until user A is finished,
and sometimes just get's kicked out.

Any help would be appreciated.

-- jb

J.B. LaRue - I.T. Manager
jb.larue at mila.com

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