WTSE and Samba

Grotnes Per Kjetil PBE-SIT PerKjetil.Grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Fri Jan 19 09:40:46 GMT 2001

> I have been reading (and reading) the samba mail list for a couple of
> days trying to find the answer to a problem I'm having with Windows
> Terminal Server and MetaFrame. I just migrated from WinFrame (NT 3.51)
> and now don't have any locking going on with Samba on Linux 6.1. It
> worked great on the old WinFrame box.

I am running WTSE with MetaFrame 1.8, Samba 2.0.7 on solaris 2.6.  Locking "works" 
(some errors though) for me.

Could you add some more info on samba version and mayhap add the smb.conf file?

Per Kjetil Grotnes
IT-Seksjonen, Plan- og bygningsetaten, Oslo Kommune
Tlf: 22 66 26 61, Fax: 22 66 26 65

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