printing from Windows NT to SAMBA queue

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Thu Jan 18 22:19:05 GMT 2001

Doing the same NT to Linux move here, but I just set up 100 printers
without any problems, and can print from my NTWS just fine.  Did you use
the Redhat printer configuration tool to set up you printer?  What kind
of printer is it?  Is your smb.conf option "load printers=Yes"?  Is the
path to /etc/printcap correct?  Can you send your smb.conf file so that
I can take a look at it?

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Subject: printing from Windows NT to SAMBA queue

HELP!!  I have setup a REMOTE and SMB print queue on my
linux box.  The linux box appears via the browse menu in
network neighborhood and I can select the printer, but when
I tried to print from 2000 or nt4 O/S the following error
message occurs when I tried to print via an application: "a
startdocprinter call was not issed".  I also cannot print a
test page from nt?  From linux server, I can print using the
REMOTE print queue.  I have executed "testprns" and it
indicated the printer was valid.  I just do not know what
else to do?  Note:  I also created a guest account for the
queue and set a SMB password.   HELP!!  I am trying to move
all of the services provided on my nt server to a  linux

JL Cox

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