Check for master browser

Dan Egli cybrgeek at
Tue Jan 16 21:23:55 GMT 2001

Hey folks,

I'm having a hard time getting Samba to become a Master Browser for multiple
subnets. Here's the machine setup:

                            /                \
                        eth0            eth1
                    /                             \
                (Private network)     (Internet)

The samba machine wins the election on the side just fine, but not
on the side. IT CAN see the machines on that side. I know
because the log.nmb shows an entry: check_for_master_browser_success: Local
master browser for workgroup OFFICENET exists at IP That IP
belongs to a Windows NT exchange server. I cannot take it offline or move
the workgroup because that would invalidate the exchange server which the
company uses for all their email. I do not understand why the Windows NT
machine is winning the election tho. It's just WinNT server, and samba has
an OS Level of 255 and prefered master = yes. I will include my smb.conf
file for anyone who cares to look at it. I'm at a loss here on how to force to LOOSE the election. I do NOT want it to be the master
browser. I want the Samba machine to be the master browser for BOTH
networks. I have a feeling its something to do with the setup on THAT
machine because there is also a Win2000 server on that network, and it is
not the master browser. Only the .4 machine (exchange server) is the master

Any ideas?

-- Dan

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