New Samba Printer DOES NOT show up?

Mitch McNeel mitchm at
Mon Feb 26 23:11:00 GMT 2001


        I have a problem!  After adding a printer to my
print server using lpadmin on the command line, the printer
I just added does not become available to the PC (Window 95
& 98) world,  until I shut and restart the Samba processes.

        I am running on a UE450 with Solaris 8 (latest
patches) and Samba version 2.0.7.  My smb.conf file for the
[printers] share is set to use 'lpstat' for the printcap
file (default).

        I have tried 'kill -HUP' on both smbd and nmbd
processes too re-read the config file and also disconnected
/ reconnected the PC to the Samba server, but this doesn't
seem to do anything.

Does anyone know if this is a bug, or is the procedure for
adding a printer to the Samba server?


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