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Peter Pilsl pilsl at
Wed Feb 28 12:11:21 GMT 2001

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 08:53:48AM +0100, Ries van Twisk wrote:
> I order to create a undelete function I think we have to create
> a 'client for Samba networks' in windows.
> Undelete is pritty differcult to implement because of the most 
> Windowz software works with files.
> If we create a 'client for samba networks' we can make it work 
> correctly. Other featuers can be added to like setting security from 
> within the explorer.
> Current'y I don't know and I don't think there is a client for samba 
> networks. Maby a great idea for samba 2.2.x.

I really know nothing about the samba-source and the netbios-protocoll
and therefore I peg your pardon, if the following is bullshit, but I
would appretiate a much more simple solution. Instead of deleting the
file on the sambaserver, just move it to a different folder.  (replace
'cp' with 'mv' to say in my words). Then I can share the content of
this folder and setup a cronjob that empties this folder from time to


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