Session Request Failed

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Wed Feb 21 19:39:39 GMT 2001

I would vote for trying a) first, withOUT a hosts allow
then try b.
I can't imagine a situation where a change to /etc/hosts
would require a reboot, though.
One thing, I don't know the OS you are using at all, but 
are we sure the /etc/hosts file is what is resolving your names?
on HP-UX there is a /etc/resolve.conf file that if it exists and 
has a dns server that is connectable, then the /etc/hosts file is 
not used, but instead the dns server is used.
doing an nslookup on www should tell you whether the info is comming
from etc/hosts or a dns server, as well as WHAT address the name www
is being resolved to.
Give that a shot, and I hope it helps!

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> To test this, temporarily remove your hosts allow
> line in smb.conf and
> restart samba and try again.

No such luck. Do you think that either:

a) swapping around my /etc/hosts file to have the 192
entry for www first
b) adding 209 to my hosts allow
or c) rebooting to make sure /etc/hosts is actually
being read properly

would do the trick?

Thanks again,

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