Host name lookup ---- BUG

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Feb 12 19:52:55 GMT 2001

Peter de Groot wrote:
> IMHO .... The name resolve order stuff has been a 
> fairly recent incarnation, and I suspect that the 
> chaps have not found all of original calls
> in the code.............
> This might explain why clicking on a share in windoze explorer
> takes a "long" time to crank up smbd.  Might be cause it is
> attempting to find the share name on a non-existant DNS
> lookup

The reverse DNS lookups are part of the check_access() 
function used when hosts allow.deny is defined.
If only IP addresses are used, then the code should only
match the IP address of the client without attempting to 
resolve the name.  It has nothing to do with the 
'name resolve order'.  

This should be fixed.  I have been meaning to look into it.

Cheers, jerry
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