Host name lookup ---- BUG

Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Mon Feb 12 16:24:33 GMT 2001

> > 
> > Samba also does DNS lookups in client_name() - in lib/util_sock.c - and
> > this cannot (AFAIK) be disabled.  The best thing to do is to setup a
> > local DNS server for your network, at least so it gets a 'host not
> > found' earlier.  Or you could just list the hosts in /etc/hosts if its a
> > smaller network.

You are being very polite on what I would consider a BUG !!!!!!!

There has been another bloke on this list that has been very "strong"
on this also.

IMHO .... The name resolve order stuff has been a fairly recent incarnation,
and I suspect that the chaps have not found all of original calls
in the code.............

This might explain why clicking on a share in windoze explorer
takes a "long" time to crank up smbd.  Might be cause it is
attempting to find the share name on a non-existant DNS




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