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mjo mjo at
Sun Feb 11 21:31:32 GMT 2001

Okay, I've read and followed O'Reilly, I've read the Samba web page, I've tried
Swat, I've tried numerous smb.conf settings and examples.   I didn't want to
post but I'm going insane!

I have a linux server running Samba.   I need to have numerous Win98 boxes be
able to access directories on it.  Honestly, it doesn't matter if people have
passwors or not (yes, I know.  I would prefer them, my boss doesn't mind either
way...)  Passwords or not, it'd help if people were plopped into respective home

I CAN get pcguest to work but thats it.

I enable password encryption since it's Win98.  The users exist on the linux
box and have passwords.  I use smbpasswd -a <user> to add them to the smbpasswd
file- with the same password as their linux usernames and the same as their
windows logon name and password.  

Network neighborhood can see the server just fine.  However, when it prompts
for a password, it ALWAYS says incorrect password no matter what.  I've tried
disabling encryption, setting null passwords=yes and using an account without a
password...  It always says incorrect password.  What am I missing!?!?

If anyone has a working sample smb.conf that accomplishes roughly the same
thing or any tips or advice, I'd REALLY appreciate it!  I've read and tried all
I can think of and I'm totally stumped.


-Martha Jo

--Martha Jo McCarthy 
mjo at  (alternate: mjm6 at  

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