smbd & nmbd won't start

Art Ross aross at
Sat Feb 10 03:20:50 GMT 2001

In our department, we are setting up another Samba Server.  We started
with the Red Hat 6.2 canned Server installation.  First, we installed
NFS and debugged it with no trouble.  Next, we installed Samba and had
it working but after tweeting the smb.conf file, we are not able to get
the smbd & nmbd daemons to run.  We've gone through the tests outlined a under troubleshooting but nothing seems to pop out at us.

Since we had the Samba server running from the default smb.conf.  We
decided to use another default smb.conf file from another machine.
Well, we still cannot get the darn thing to start.

What can anyone suggest.

Best Regards,
 Art Ross

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