Arne Kaiser kaiser at
Sat Feb 10 15:39:19 GMT 2001

Hi Tony
netatalk isnt the only appletalk server for Linux, there is another
called cap (or something similar) but i have no experience wiht it. To
connect an Apple client with samba you need Dave from thursby software,
this seems to work fine with samba, but it not free software and cost
about 100$. Netatalk works fine parallel with samba on one Linux box.
You will find a rpm here:


tony wrote:

> Hello People,
> This information could be found on the net easily, but
> I wanted a simple answer before I start looking...
> Is meta-talk the only way to connect Linux servers to
> Macintosh?  Or is there any way to use only Samba
> to do the same?
> Any links to such information is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Tony Nakamura

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