inherit permissions - map archive

David Rankin drankin at
Sat Feb 10 03:29:05 GMT 2001

I have a question concerning the interplay between the "inherit
permissions" flag and the "map archive".  I have a clean mandrake
7.2/Samba 2.07 install. I server 4 Win9x boxes. Our data share on samba
hold all the the files for our office, mostly MS Word docs and
Quickbooks, etc.  Rather than use create mask, directory mask, force
create mode, force directory mode, I chose to use "inherit permissions"
and "force group" to manage access to the files on the share. The map
archive bit is also set explicitly (and default).

Here is my problem.  After a full backup, which in theory clears the
archive bit for the files and directories, subsequent modifications to
files do not cause the archive bit to be reset.  Thus when an
differential backup is performed, modified files are not included in the
backup set.

I don't understand what is happening. My understanding is that "inherit
permissions" only applies to file creation and any subsequent
modification should cause a change in the archive status of the file on
the server as long as the 'map archive' bit is set, (which is the
default setting). I can modify my quickbooks file and the archive bit
never changes.

I have looked at force create mode and force directory mode and thier
use seems to be prohibited in this situation since they "force" a mode
to be set "on file permission changes" (force create options always
takes effect after the map archive option) Which to me means if 'map
archive' changes the archive and force create is set, then any archive
changes made will be overwritten by the force create option.

This must be easier than I am trying to make it. (usually is really
simple) I need to set up my share so that the archive bit is set on
files that are modified so that my Win9x tape backup program can perform
a differential backup daily on the files that are added or changes.  I
someone else has had to deal with this problem, any help or assistance
(words of wisdom, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

David Rankin
drankin at

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