Samba, LDAP and User-Shares

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Fri Feb 9 16:06:31 GMT 2001

Hi Roland;
Samba is depending on the underlying unix (linux) system calls to display
users, etc when requested.  So whatever method linux is set up to manage
users is the same method Samba will be using, in a way; system calls like
getpwuid, etc are called by samba, and these return results based on how
your unix box is configured to authenticate/store user information, whether
/etc/passwd, or NIS or LDAP, etc.
On HP-UX, the file /etc/nsswitch is used to determine the method; I don't
know how that is done in Linux.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot for the translation.

The weird in my problems is, when i try to run ./configure --with-ldap, the
script says that this funktion is not implemented yet. So i wonder how can
show all the LDAP-Entries.


"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" schrieb:

> Hallo Roland,
> My German language skills are poor, but perhaps  I can translate?
> You have just installed the newest version of Samba (2.2.0alpha2) on
> and at the same time you are working with an LDAP solution for Win2k on
> Linux.  When you now under the NT or W2k DomainUser utility
> add a user to the local Administrator group, every user which is found in
> the LDAP Server is displayed, not only the ones found in the smbpassword
> database. It turns out that by this action your Home directory on the
> was lost.  Does anyone know why?
> Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the ldap solution on linux. But
> perhaps someone else on the list can now give you some ideas.  One thing
> that would be useful is a copy of your smb.conf file, to see how you have
> Samba running; in domain controller mode, user mode, etc...
> Also, when you say your home directory on the server is lost, what does
> mean - does the directory actually get removed from your linux machine, or
> is it there, but no longer is associated with the ldap user?
> And which home directory - the one for the user you are 'adding' or some
> other user?
> Good luck,
> Don
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> Hallo
> This mail is only in german, the complexity of the Problem is to big to
> write it in english.
> Ich hoffe es versteht jemand Deutsch.
> Ich habe gerade die neueste Samba-Version (2.2.0-alpha2)  installiert.
> Daneben arbeiten wir an einer LDAP-Lösung a'la Win2K auf Linux.  Wenn
> ich nun unter NT oder W2K Domain-Benutzer in die lokale
> Administrator-Gruppe hinzufügen möchte, werden alle Benutzer, welche
> sich im LDAP-Server befinden, angezeigt, nicht nur jene welche sich in
> der smbpasswd-Datei befinden. Dazu kommt noch dass bei dieser Aktion
> mein Home-Verzeichnis auf dem Server gelöscht wurde. Weiss jemand an was
> das liegen könnte.
> Roland

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