Samba, LDAP and User-Shares

Roland Kaeser roland.kaeser at
Fri Feb 9 15:57:58 GMT 2001

Thanks a lot for the translation.

The weird in my problems is, when i try to run ./configure --with-ldap, the
script says that this funktion is not implemented yet. So i wonder how can samba
show all the LDAP-Entries.


"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" schrieb:

> Hallo Roland,
> My German language skills are poor, but perhaps  I can translate?
> You have just installed the newest version of Samba (2.2.0alpha2) on Linux,
> and at the same time you are working with an LDAP solution for Win2k on
> Linux.  When you now under the NT or W2k DomainUser utility
> add a user to the local Administrator group, every user which is found in
> the LDAP Server is displayed, not only the ones found in the smbpassword
> database. It turns out that by this action your Home directory on the server
> was lost.  Does anyone know why?
> Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the ldap solution on linux. But
> perhaps someone else on the list can now give you some ideas.  One thing
> that would be useful is a copy of your smb.conf file, to see how you have
> Samba running; in domain controller mode, user mode, etc...
> Also, when you say your home directory on the server is lost, what does that
> mean - does the directory actually get removed from your linux machine, or
> is it there, but no longer is associated with the ldap user?
> And which home directory - the one for the user you are 'adding' or some
> other user?
> Good luck,
> Don
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> Hallo
> This mail is only in german, the complexity of the Problem is to big to
> write it in english.
> Ich hoffe es versteht jemand Deutsch.
> Ich habe gerade die neueste Samba-Version (2.2.0-alpha2)  installiert.
> Daneben arbeiten wir an einer LDAP-Lösung a'la Win2K auf Linux.  Wenn
> ich nun unter NT oder W2K Domain-Benutzer in die lokale
> Administrator-Gruppe hinzufügen möchte, werden alle Benutzer, welche
> sich im LDAP-Server befinden, angezeigt, nicht nur jene welche sich in
> der smbpasswd-Datei befinden. Dazu kommt noch dass bei dieser Aktion
> mein Home-Verzeichnis auf dem Server gelöscht wurde. Weiss jemand an was
> das liegen könnte.
> Roland

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