number of smbd processes per client IP

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Feb 5 13:46:57 GMT 2001

Paul Argentoff wrote:
> Hi people!
> I have noticed (and AFAIK it's normal) that samba 
> spawns one server process per client's IP address. Can 
> I change this behavior? Can I somehow force samba 
> to spawn several smbds per client IP? 

Not currently.

> Currently, when I start several terminal sessions 
> on NT machine with a copy of that accounting thing 
> in each, it (accounting program) dies shortly.
> When I did an smbstatus' snapshot, I saw that samba 
> spawned ONE smbd process to serve 
> all client processes/requests coming from ONE IP 
> address (that of a terminal server). Accounting 
> program dies when samba opens about 4,500 files.

Yes. We know this is a problem and are considering ways
to rememdy the situation.

> Terminal server: NT4 terminal server 
> edition, Cytrix MetaFrame, 2xPIII 800 MHz, 1G RAM, 10G 
> SCSI HDD (system)
> Thanks for your attention,

Oh.  I thought you were talking about win2k TSE.  For NT4 TSE,
try the following registry setting on the Terminal Server.


You will need to reboot after merging the setting of course.
(or maybe just restarting the Workstation service)

Cheers, jerry
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