number of smbd processes per client IP

Paul Argentoff argentoff at
Mon Feb 5 11:44:50 GMT 2001

Hi people!

I have noticed (and AFAIK it's normal) that samba spawns one server
process per client's IP address. Can I change this behavior? Can I somehow
force samba to spawn several smbds per client IP? In case of my application
(a big x-base accounting program started on NT terminal server) it might
be a cure.

Currently, when I start several terminal sessions on NT machine with
a copy of that accounting thing in each, it (accounting program) dies shortly.
When I did an smbstatus' snapshot, I saw that samba spawned ONE smbd process
to serve all client processes/requests coming from ONE IP address (that
of a terminal server). Accounting program dies when samba opens about 4,500

When we started accounting program on separate win workstations, all
worked ok since we had several client IPs with a separate daemon for each.

At last, here's our configuration:
File server: Samba 2.0.7 on FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE, 2xPIII 800 MHz, 512M
RAM, h/w RAID-5 Mylex 1100 ~70G
Terminal server: NT4 terminal server edition, Cytrix MetaFrame, 2xPIII
800 MHz, 1G RAM, 10G SCSI HDD (system)
Thanks for your attention,

Yours truly, WBR, Paul Argentoff.

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