Samba works on one Linux box, but not another

Bill Parker dogbert at
Fri Feb 2 22:47:44 GMT 2001

Hi All,

	I have a very perplexing problem, I have samba fully functional
on one of my linux boxes, I have a fixed IP of, the gateway
for eth1 on the linux box where samba is running flawless is
and I can map the drive letter, and browse directories, the eth0 ip addr
is  Now I have another linux box at (eth1)
and eth0 is which is running samba, and I can access
this box fine from my NT workstation 4.0 (and browse without any problems
on this 2nd box).

	However, when our programming staff attempts to access this 2nd
samba box, I get the message, the network path cannot be found, and in
looking in my ipchains ruleset, I allow the IP addresses of those machine
to pass traffic on ports 135:139 w/out any trouble (on either linux box).

	Where should I start looking for the problem, the smb.conf files
are identical, minus the listings for the IP addresses on the interfaces?

	The machines i'm attempting to connect are a windows 98 machine,
and a windows 2000 machine (samba 2.0.6 running on Caldera OpenLinux 2.3)


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