Passwords and valid users.

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Not a problem contacting me directly.

I am assuming that the users are loggiong into win98 with the appropriate
username/password combination as you have in unix. These need to be the
same or samba will request a password from you if they differ. I also assume
you are using security=user

First off the users that are to be valid users need to have a unix account on
the system, or are being translated to an account. The account needs to have
the appropriate priveledges on the directory you wish to share, or belong to a
a group that has the appropriate rights to the directory. (That is what I use).

I tend to create groups for each share that is not specific to a user and then
ownership of the share to that group. I then grant rwx to that specific group on
that subdirectory. I then use a force group in samba to force the write of the
share to
that group. This keeps the share specific ownerships nice and neat, also good if
have people accessing directly the share from unix too.

Anyway  here is a typical share of mine so you can see how I set them up for
groups of people.

        comment = Writable Cardiology share
        path = /exprt/home/share
        valid users = user1,user2,user3
        force group = special
        read only = No
        force create mode = 0770
        directory mask = 0770
        force directory mode = 0770
        browseable = No

You can also set the GID bit on the directory as well if you want instead of the
force group,
samba will work either way.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need more info. Be as specific as you can,
also an smb.conf
file is VERY useful to help me understand exactly what you are doing.

Hope this helps, if you need anything more just drop me a line.


Andy Clay wrote:

> Hi Scott, I hope you don't mind me addressing you directly but it
> appears you have a pretty strong working knoledge of samba and I have
> a very simple question that I've never been able to get answered.
> I have samba running on AIX. The only bump I have is I cant figure
> out the relationship of Samba passwords and the use of the valid user
> setting.
> I'm trying to make it so that on a given directory only the users I
> have set as "valid users" are allowed access but those users should
> not have to enter a password to gain access to the folder/directory
> from their windows 98 Pc's
> I've purchase several samba book and I just cant find the answer to this.
> If you have time to shed some light on this I would really appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Andy Clay
> MIS Director
> IDG of New Englad
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> update your address book.



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