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OK, I understand a bit more. I think I know how to solve your problem,
there is a parameter called "username map" this allows you to point to a file
so that when it recieves a request from "slawson" from a windows machine
it will try that username and then it will check the username map to see if there
is an alternative name mapped to the same name. That should do the trick for
you nicely. You will still have to have the same pasword on the unix system as
you have on the NT server but that will allow you to have two different usernames
on two different systems, as long as the passwords are the same. If you want
to synchronise between the two you should maybe look into a meta-directory product.

By the way, you mentioned you had bought some books, if it is "Sams, teach yourself

samba in 24 hours" the info about username map is on page 95.


Andy Clay wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> First off thanks a million for take the time to answer me.. I really
> appreciate it.
> I think your first paragraph answers a lot of my question. The id
> that a user enters when their PC first starts up is the id to allow
> the network servers for email (outlook exchange) to identify them.
> The AIX side of things are systems for our legacy business systems.
> The aix id a user has is always different then the id they use to
> sign onto the network (windows id). So that explains why when they go
> to open a folder that their aix user id as been attached to (valid
> user) they cant get access.
> I was hopeing that the user file where you connect a aix user id to
> windows id would be used by the system to bridge between the 2 worlds.
> Example:
> -------------------
> smb.conf
> [andy_clay]
>      path = /refco/samba/andy_clay
>      public = no
>      writable = yes
>      valid users = claya aclay
> ------------------
> users file
> aclay = claya ANDYS_MAC
> ------------------
> You know anyway to make samba look at the user file and know that
> when the user "claya" signs on to windows its also aix user "aclay"
> so that it doesn't have to ask for a password when that user trys to
> open the "andy_clay" folder which has a valid user of "aclay"?
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