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Herb Lewis herb at
Tue Sep 26 16:49:39 GMT 2000

Amina Ray wrote:
> I hope that I'm sending this message to the correct email address. If
> not could you let me know the correct address to send Samba questions
> to.
> I am having a problem with Samba. I believe that we are using version
> 1.9.18; is there a command that I can use to find out for sure which
> version that I am using. The problem is that most of my users except for
> myself can not log on to the network to print. I believe the only reason
> that I can  log on is because I have the system administrator password.
> I can ping the server and the printers. I have tried restarting Samba. I
> have used "testparm smb.conf"  and "smbclient -L server name" command
> and receive no error messages.  Do you have any other suggestions? I am
> in desperate need of help. People want to hang me because  they can't
> print.

You don't mention what OS you are running and it would be helpful
to include your smb.conf file to see what settings you have.

You can run smbd -V and it will let you know the version (either 
with an error message for older ones or with a version message for the
newer ones). Where smbd lives depends on your OS and how samba was
installed so you may have to look around.

If you upgrade to version 2.0.7 of samba there is an html copy of the
book Using Samba that you can check for setup information.

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