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Alex at Avantel Systems alex at
Tue Sep 26 17:19:22 GMT 2000

In the file smb.conf  look for the [printers] section and make sure that =
includes the following lines

=09browseable =3D no
=09printable =3D yes
=09guest ok =3D yes

Then restart samba and see if that fixes your problem.  You may also have=
define a "guest" account in the general section of the smb.conf file but =
believe there is a default of ftp( depends on version?) but that user has=
be defined for your system. =20

Good luck

Alex Vandenham
Avantel Systems=20

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> I hope that I'm sending this message to the correct email address. If
> not could you let me know the correct address to send Samba questions
> to.
> I am having a problem with Samba. I believe that we are using version
> 1.9.18; is there a command that I can use to find out for sure which
> version that I am using. The problem is that most of my users except fo=
> myself can not log on to the network to print. I believe the only reaso=
> that I can  log on is because I have the system administrator password.
> I can ping the server and the printers. I have tried restarting Samba. =
> have used "testparm smb.conf"  and "smbclient -L server name" command
> and receive no error messages.  Do you have any other suggestions? I am
> in desperate need of help. People want to hang me because  they can't
> print.

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