Windows 95 Problem

Alastair Broom abroom at
Fri Sep 15 09:28:33 GMT 2000

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, The Prototype IS the product! wrote:

> It seems that when using Windows 95 to connect to our Samba UNIX machine
> the only thing that can be viewed is the top level.  All files at the top
> level and all folders, when clicked on, come back with an error message.
> ...
> 	Click on folder:
> 		"The folder "\\SNIFF\subsys\firmware" does not exist
We have the same problem with a Win98 box connecting to a SCO 5.0.4 box
with Samba 2.0.6
A "solution" seems to be adding  "case sensitive = no" to each of the 
share definitions in smb.conf
Yes, I know "case sensitive = no" is the default anyway, but it works for
us...   We look after 6 SCO 5.0.4 boxes running 2.0.6, but only one needs
this line in the smb.conf

<sigh>   :-)
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