Problems mounting smbfs-filesystem

Herzog AG herzog at
Thu Sep 14 13:52:21 GMT 2000

I got a problem mounting a smbfs-Shares from a windows 95b machine to my LINUX-machine.
The kernel seems ok (Version 2.2.14, SMBFS-Support is included as modul). 
Using the ftp-like program smbclient is working with the shares on the Window-machine.
The mount-command seems to work, but after that X-Window-System and LINUX are "Freezing": Nor mouse or keyboard are working, Restart is only possible by pressing  RESET-Button. KDE-logon-Window shows some Kernel-errors I don´t understand. Freezing occurs after changing directories with cd-command or a filemanager. Problem occurs also, when working without X-Window-System.

Maybe someone can help me? If further informations are needed, just tell me...

A. Schmitz

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