Windows 95 Problem

The Prototype IS the product! warren at
Thu Sep 14 13:04:25 GMT 2000


I'm sure someone has seen this.....

It seems that when using Windows 95 to connect to our Samba UNIX machine
the only thing that can be viewed is the top level.  All files at the top
level and all folders, when clicked on, come back with an error message.

	Find Computer sniff
	Click on sniff icon
	Displays public (read only) folders and private folders
	Click on a public folder (name = subsys)
	Displays folders and files available in subsys
	Click on folder:

		"The folder "\\SNIFF\subsys\firmware" does not exist

	Click on text file:

		Cannot find the file "\\SNIFF\...........

I'm running samba-2.0.7

This only seems to happen on Win95 systems NT and 2000 seems to work

Any help would be appreciated.


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