? Lan Manager for DOS ?

Charles E. Gelm gelmce at erinet.com
Sun Sep 10 15:50:42 GMT 2000

Now: How do I configure Samba so that it can be used by
a DOS workstation using MS Lan Manager for DOS using TCP/IP ?

Thanks, Chris:

 You took shots all around me. ;-)
Sorry, I didn't realize that I was that vague.

I maintain 14 kiosk style workstations that run a DOS application.
The workstation O/S is MS-DOS-v6.22.
The DOS network manager is MS-LANMAN for DOS.

Our intranet file server is Windows-NT.

I have an extra computer and I have installed Linux,
Slackware-3.9 kernel-2.0.37 
(I also have Slackware-7.1 kernel-2.2.16 available).

 I want to configure Samba on the Linux computer to
'look like' our Windows-NT server so that I can repair/setup
workstations without having to connect to our intranet.
I've configured this Linux computer to be a DHCPd server 
(which is how the workstations get their TCP/IP addresses)
just like on our intranet. The next step is to configure Samba
to look like our Windows-NT server and then I can repair &
setup workstations on the bench that will run without changing
anything when I carry them to the shop floor.

 So, the DOS workstations use MS LANMAN.DOS (v2.0 I think),
the protocol is TCP/IP,
addresses are obtained from a DHCP server
 (somewhere on the intranet),

There is a Domain Name and a Server Name.
The 'Domain Name' is configured into MS LANMAN DOS SETUP.
The 'Server Name' is used at login & NET USE *.

Is this enough detail?

Regards, Chuck

Chris Watt wrote:
> At 08:44 10/09/00 -0400, Charles E. Gelm wrote:
> >How do I configure Samba for Lan Manager for DOS?
> If you meant something else, or if the answer above doesn't help you,
> please post a more detailed question to the list :)
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