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Chris Watt cnww at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Sep 10 15:08:50 GMT 2000

At 08:44 10/09/00 -0400, Charles E. Gelm wrote:
>How do I configure Samba for Lan Manager for DOS?

That's debatable, it depends on what you mean by the fairly vague question.
I'll try to cover the basic possibilities:

1. "How do I make Samba run as part of Lan Manager for DOS?"
You don't, Samba is a separate program and ideally should be run under a
UNIX-like OS.

2. "How do I make Samba access shares from a DOS Lan Manager server?"
Make sure that your Lan Manager software is using TCP/IP rather than
NetBEUI or IPX and then use smbclient.

3. "How do I make Lan Manager for DOS access shares from a Samba server?"
Make sure that your Lan Manager software is using TCP/IP rather than
NetBEUI or IPX, configure your shares with Samba (you can use smbclient to
test them) then map them with Lan Manager.

4. "How do I make Samba replace Lan Manager for DOS?"
The easiest/cheapest way is generally to install Linux on the system in
question, use NFS, CODA or the SMBFS connect any remote filesystems, use
Samba to create any shares, and then run a DOS emulator (using an actual
copy of MS-DOS or PC-DOS if you like) to use your legacy DOS applications.
FreeBSD is also a possibility, but AFAIK it has more significant hardware
needs and I'm not sure what the status of DOS emulation and SMB support in
FreeBSD is.

5. "How do I make Samba work with an old SMB client that ONLY speaks NetBEUI?"
This question really has two answers. The literal answer is that it can't
be done, Samba does not support NetBEUI (at least not by any kludge I'm
aware of). The more useful answer is that it's almost never necessary.
Microsoft SMB clients that support TCP are available for DOS and all
versions of Windows. 
In the case of Windows 3.x you need to upgrade to Windows for Workgroups
and then install the downloadable TCP/IP stack. Thankfully both the W4W
upgrade and the TCP/IP add-in are still available. 
The official DOS client is a free download from MS, but it requires that
you have a DOS packet driver for your NIC (presumably you do if you're
using Lan Manager now). The client comes in two parts usually, file 1 is
the network client itself and file 2 is the optional TCP/IP stuff. The
official DOS client is somewhat limited because it sucks up a great deal of
your 640K of conventional memory and because it is AFAICT totally incapable
of making your DOS system act as a server. At some point there were one or
two 3'rd party commercial SMB suites for DOS kicking around, but I don't
know if any are still available.

If you meant something else, or if the answer above doesn't help you,
please post a more detailed question to the list :)


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