Best way to Copy File from NT file server to Samba File Server

Scott Shealy sshealy at
Thu Oct 26 21:50:18 GMT 2000

We have an NT fileserver.  We have just brought up a samba 2.0.7 server on
Redhat 6.2 with the intention of making it the file server for our domain.
We have successfully brought it up and joined our domain(It is not a PDC,
security = server, password server = our pdc). We have created user accounts
and dirs for everyone and mapped them to Domain users.  Now we want to
migrate our user files from the NT server to the Samba server.  Our first
thought was just copy them from the NT box to the Samba server as
Administrator.  The side effect of this was that we lost ownership info...
all the files became owned by root.  Then we tried robocopy(off of the NT
resource kit) with the /sec option and got the same result.  At this point
we don't know of an easy way to migrate the files. The we tried to mount the
NT share on the Samba box using smbmount and tried to copy and the same
thing happend... Any suggestions or stories.

Scott Shealy
Advanced Solutions Group
Univ of South Carolina

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