Problems with Outlook Express and Samba V2

Oliver Blankenheim obl at
Thu Oct 26 21:43:27 GMT 2000

I switched my file server from Samba V1.9.18/Solaris
to Samba V2.0.7/Linux and experience a problem
which has not been in the older version:

I have made Outlook Express (via Windows registry)
to store its folders on the file server. With
the old configuration, this worked. With the new
configuration, it appears as Outlook Express (OE)
cannot find the Folders - even when it created
them a minute ago. First, OE starts with creating
a folder, eg. Inbox.dbx. Next time it starts, it
creates a new folder Inbox(1).dbx - obviously
since it could not find/read the old folder.
It continues creating a new folder by
increasing the number on each startup.

I configured Samba the recommended way:

  preserve case = Y
  case sensitive = n

Even when I turn off preserving the case this

Shouldn't it be the way, that

    (a) Samba should be compatible with older releases ?
    (b) Samba should operate completely transparent to
        an application, i.e. behave like a real Windows
        drive ?

Any help is very welcome,
thanks a lot,

Oliver Blankenheim
obl at

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