Password must be entered multiple times / nmbd has to be restarted

William R. Knox wknox at
Thu Oct 26 13:03:08 GMT 2000

I reported issues about Samba names dropping out of WINS about a year
ago to the mailing list (I was then using 2.0.4b). Other than a few "Me,
too!" responses, there didn't seem to be a solution. I couldn't decide
if the issue was due to crummy networking, our whacko NT setup here, or
something in samba. I have taken to restarting my samba processes every
night both to avoid this issue and to keep my smbd processes from
growing to large due to an apparent memory leak in the printing
subsystem in 2.0.7.

So I guess this makes me one of the "Me, too!" responses now. ;-) Sorry
I don't have anything more helpful to contribute.
			Bill Knox
			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

Dave Brodin wrote:
> I searched the archives, but I couldn't find solutions to these two
> problems:
[first problem skipped]
> 2. We have a central WINS server and five other Samba servers that get
> their WINS info from the central one.  Periodically, the central WINS
> server will lose information about the IP of one of the other servers.
> Eventually, it would lose it for all of them.  I then have to go to that
> other server and restart nmbd.  At that point, the central server
> relearns the IP address.  During the time the IP is not know by the main
> WINS server, users from other subnets can't browse that Samba server.
> I'm still confused by WINS, so I'm not sure what kind of circumstances
> could cause this to happen.  Do WINS entries expire?
> Any help on these would be greating appreciated.
> --
> Dave Brodin
> Lead Systems Engineer
> Information and Technology Services
> City of Bloomington

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