Samba machines disappeared?

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Wed Oct 25 23:46:46 GMT 2000

I think you have a browsing problem, try to read browsing.txt that comes along
with samba distribution.  I get my book on unleashed by S. Litt, email you the
troubleshooting for W2K and Win98


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From: "Shayne Lebrun" <slebrun at>
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Subject: Samba machines disappeared?
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:04:45 -0400

Came in to work this morning, and something wierd had happened.

We're running samba on a linux box for file sharing.  Nothing changed on
that box, in terms of software versions or configuration.

Some machines, both 98 and 2000 professional can't see the machine in
network neighbourhood, but can get to it manually.  Other machines still
show up normallly.  Other machines, 2000 professional, can see ONLY that
machine in NN.  Very odd.  Any ideas?

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