file permissions and powerpoint

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Oct 24 12:18:16 GMT 2000

Ralf wrote:
| we use a Sun Sparc E450 Server as Fileserver (Solaris 2.8). I 
| recently created a share for a project:
| [share name]
|        force create mode = 0770
|        create mask = 0770
|        force directory mode = 0770

| It seems that powerpoint is doing something very strange, like 
| creating it new file by just oping the file.

	PowerPoint and most other PC apps renames the
	input file to .bak and creates a new file to
	put the edited data into.

	You'll need to have the create mode(s) set to 700
	for this share to keep the "new" files from being
	readable/editable by member of the group.

	Mine are 750, as I don't mind related
	folks reading my files...

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