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Wed Oct 25 09:17:27 GMT 2000

* Bruce Warner <warner at> [20001025 07:33]:
=>Color me stupid!
=>I have set up a small SAMBA network using a Caldera Systems eServer 2.3
=>implementation of Linux with a AMD K-6/2 and 128 meg RAM.  It works
=>great from one computer, and one user id, but I am unable to login as
=>any other user.  The one user is set up in such a way that it would
=>create a serious security hole (member of group root).  The server shows
=>up in the network neighborhood, the workgroup is visible to all
=>computers on the LAN, the workstations have the same OS, I can even
=>browse the server's web services, and use webadmin.
=>Anyone have an idea as to the problem, and any possible solutions????

Have a look at username map
But first why not take some time to troubleshoot samba by starting with a
skeletal smb.conf and building as you go stepwise ;)

=>Might there be a rights issue somewhere?

Definately. But you have to go step by understand the
perms. Pls look critically at smb.conf.default and start from there, one
thing at a time.



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