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Bruce Warner warner at
Tue Oct 24 12:10:56 GMT 2000

Color me stupid!

I have set up a small SAMBA network using a Caldera Systems eServer 2.3
implementation of Linux with a AMD K-6/2 and 128 meg RAM.  It works
great from one computer, and one user id, but I am unable to login as
any other user.  The one user is set up in such a way that it would
create a serious security hole (member of group root).  The server shows
up in the network neighborhood, the workgroup is visible to all
computers on the LAN, the workstations have the same OS, I can even
browse the server's web services, and use webadmin.

Anyone have an idea as to the problem, and any possible solutions????

Might there be a rights issue somewhere?


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