same old multiple subnets problem... with a twist!

Samuel Hathaway lsy at
Mon Oct 23 16:24:59 GMT 2000

Barry Dexter A. Gonzaga wrote:

>> Run a WINS server:
>> ...No way to make everyone people use my WINS server.
>> Fetch remote browse lists from LMBs in other subnets:
>> ...I can't find out the IPs of the remote LMBs.
>> Sync browse lists with LMBs in other subnets:
>> ...Can't find out their IPs, and they're not samba boxen!
>> Use remote broadcasting to find remote LMBs:
>> ...Routers won't allow it.
>> Am I overlooking anything in these possobilities?
> if you cannnot be wins server of other boxes and you are not on the same
> subnet 
> and lmb on the other subnets doesnt use tcp/ip,  i dont know if u could browse
> lists with them.
> i may be wrong. ymmv
The LMBs on the other subnets do use TCP/IP, I think. The problem is finding
them, since I cant broadcast to remote subnets.

>> Also, I've noticed that when Windows 9x clients have only the TCP/IP
>> protocol installed, they can browse the same set of computers that I can.
>> However, when they install IPX/SPX, they can see outside of their subnets.
>> Can anyone explain this?
> ipx/spx is used by novell, and works because it likes to broadcast[shout] to
> all computers, samba runs atop tcp/ip and does <b>not</b> understand ipx/spx
> so they can't communicate.
TCP/IP can also broadcast, within the local subnet, right? Can IPX/SPX
broadcast to remote subnets too? I thought my routers would disallow that.

Still confused :(

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