same old multiple subnets problem... with a twist!

Barry Dexter A. Gonzaga barryg at
Mon Oct 23 10:53:27 GMT 2000

> Run a WINS server:
> ...No way to make everyone people use my WINS server.
> Fetch remote browse lists from LMBs in other subnets:
> ...I can't find out the IPs of the remote LMBs.
> Sync browse lists with LMBs in other subnets:
> ...Can't find out their IPs, and they're not samba boxen!
> Use remote broadcasting to find remote LMBs:
> ...Routers won't allow it.
> Am I overlooking anything in these possobilities?
if you cannnot be wins server of other boxes and you are not on the same subnet 
and lmb on the other subnets doesnt use tcp/ip,  i dont know if u could browse 
lists with them.
i may be wrong. ymmv
> Also, I've noticed that when Windows 9x clients have only the TCP/IP
> protocol installed, they can browse the same set of computers that I can.
> However, when they install IPX/SPX, they can see outside of their subnets.
> Can anyone explain this?
ipx/spx is used by novell, and works because it likes to broadcast[shout] to all computers, samba runs atop tcp/ip and does <b>not</b> understand ipx/spx so they can't communicate.

> Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it!
> -samuel
very much welcome.


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