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Prince Polius prince at
Sun Oct 22 22:32:21 GMT 2000

   I need some help and I am hoping that you are available. I have been
running Samba on a linux box at home for a while now. I was recently
contacted to set up a file server for a small company. The thing is...
they will require various users to have access to different files, and
ofcourse some users will have access to very little. I did some testing at
home and was able to block off one of my users (at home) from a particular
file (just as a test). I used the "valid users = whoever" and "public =
no" command in the SHARE DEFINITIONS section of the smb.conf file. It
 worked fine. Now I would like to reinstate this user's access to the same
 file... but I can't get it to come back up... I keep getting a message
 that reads "... the share is not accessible/cannot be found..." All
 machines are Win98 except the samba server which runs on RedHat Linux 6.1.
 I sincerely thank you for your help...

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