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>they will require various users to have access to different files, and
>ofcourse some users will have access to very little. I did some testing at
>home and was able to block off one of my users (at home) from a particular
>file (just as a test). I used the "valid users = whoever" and "public =

The 1st thing to keep in mind is that samba won't override (unless you
use admin users) the unix permissions.
Therefore, if you set up the files on the unix side so that only the
authorized users can access/write/read them, they will get the same
rights through samba.

valid users/write list/read list are things you can use to give users
accessing files through samba "less" rights then they would have at the
unix level.

Say that only userA and userB should access a dir:

1) if at the unix level you set up the dir as 777 and share it through
samba, then you can use "valid users" to limit the users that can access
that share.

2) if at the unix level, you create a group called "group1" with members
userA and userB, and set the rights on that dir to root.group1 770, you
don't need to use "valid users", because the unix permissions will do

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