Undelete for Samba

Ries van Twisk ries at franksintl.nl
Fri Oct 6 11:49:45 GMT 2000

> Samba doesn't actually do the deletion, it just uses the system
> unlink() call. Unix, unlike Netware, takes the attitude that if you
> ask it to delete a file, that's because you don't want the file. It
> ain't coming back...... The filesystems on most Unices are such that
> your chances of recovering data from deleted files are virtually nil.
> Use a tape backup....
Also I understand from the samba development team that in theory it 
is posible to do such a function but it will create a lot of overhead 
meantaining the 'recycle bin' It just takes a lot of processor time and 
HD space.

Also think of this..
When M$ word opens a file, it copys a file to the same dir with a 
different name (~$ thing) when you are finnished working on that file 
a renaming and a deleting sequency takes place. Which in turn 
create a backup and that's not what you want.
Also I don't think de recicle bin on NT is working 'networked'. (I only 
use samba at my net)


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