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Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Thu Oct 5 16:17:32 GMT 2000

Eugene Fisher wrote:
> It would be very nice to inherit not only permissions, but owner-user and
> owner-group also....
> Example:
> consider the directory structure:
> A - (501:601) rwxrwx---
>   |-B (501:602) rwxrwx---
>   |-C (502:603) rwxrwx---
> where groups 602 and 603 are subsets of group 601.
> You share folder A as Samba share.
> If user 502 creates a file in folder B via Samba, user 501 cannot reach it
> (the file will have owner-user 502 and owner-group - the primary group of
> user 502).
> "force user" and "force group" don't help you, because the subfolders have
> different owners.

Is there a reason why using the set-group-id would be a problem?

I have both netatalk and samba users, with the possibility of unix users in the
future, so I look for solutions in the system whenever I can.  

This seems to be a problem from the lack of ACLs in Linux, which I'm assuming is
your target platform.  What you need is more groups.  If you have a project that
will have members which are subsets of one or several groups.  I'd just add a
group for the specific project, and SGID the directories.

Although, maybe you know something I don't and why this wouldn't work.


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