ldap woes

robert.gehr at web2cad.de robert.gehr at web2cad.de
Thu Nov 23 16:13:06 GMT 2000


I just set up a LDAP server for user and group management. From the OS
level this works fine and all group permissions etc. are working just the
way they ought to.
The idea was (and still is) to use the LDAP server as a repository for each
Samba server. I set up the /etc/nsswitch.conf file on each Samba server
accordingly and when I connect from a Win$ box I can log into a samba share
and the existence of the Unix account is checked against LDAP.
I tried the following.

User:               Member of Group:

john           sales, marketing, all
jack           sales, all
fred           all

the default (primary) group for all users is group "all"

I defined a share "testing" on Samba saying "valid users = +sales" and
behold only john and jack are able to connect.
I redifined the share to "valid users = +all" and john,jack,and fred can
I created a directory under testing named "budget" and did a "chown
fred:sales and a chmod 770 for that thing"
As root I do a "su john" changed into budget and created a file without a

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