caching problems on Samba ver 2.0.6 ?

Robert Schott rschott at
Thu Nov 23 15:45:08 GMT 2000

we are using Samba 2.0.6 and have problems
with file sharing.

The file server until now was based on Windows NT. The SW
manufacturer told us that the app preferably runs on Novell
fileservers but also on every other file server.

The DOS app that access the shared file runs concurrently on several
Win95/98/ME/NT Clients. Under some (unknown) circumstances it corrupts the
main shared file when being accessed from Win95b and
98 clients.

Maybe there are some locking switches I have to enable
on Samba?

Now I saw that there is  a NT registry patch that tweaks something on lanman
params. But I found no docu for this. Maybe anyone could help me out where
to find and if this fits to Windoze needs, too?



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