smb errors

Bill Parker dogbert at
Thu Nov 23 19:23:03 GMT 2000

Hi All,

	Welp, upgrading samba to 2.0.6 and using a 2.2.18pre21 kernel
does not seem to correct the problem when using smbmount to mount a
NT server share (here is the error message from /var/log/messages):

Nov 23 11:05:46 htmlodds kernel: smb_trans2_request: result=-32, setting
Nov 23 11:06:14 htmlodds kernel: smb_retry: signal failed, error=-3

df -h <enter> gives:

/dev/hda1             6.7G  1.2G  5.1G  20% /
NEW_DBS:SYS           8.0G  5.1G  2.9G  63% /.nwamd/NEW_DBS_SYS
df: /mnt/server1: Input/output error

an ls -al /mnt/server1 yields:

ls: /mnt/server1: Input/output error

now in /etc/hosts I have:

xxx.yyy.zzz.2 inet_server_1 server1

and the command I used for smbmount is:

smbmount \\\\inet_server_1\\C$ /mnt/server1 -U <username>

now, the only difference is this server is not plugged into the same switch
as inet_server_1 and the other three linux boxes...could this make a
difference as to why this is happening?

I have to be able to access files on this NT Server share (for reading
only) if this conversion to linux is going to be successful.


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