It was DEFINITELY the lmhost/host files

rparker at rparker at
Sun Nov 12 01:44:20 GMT 2000

a redux on my earlier epistle. Found a laptop in a control room
that had an old lmhosts and host file added at some point pointing
to the old IP of the samba server. It exhibited the same
behavior (wouldn't connect and the 'helpful' windows error
message said 'network problem') 

I 'fixed' the lmhost (and a host file as well) and all was
well. Nasty business I'd say - what started out as an attempt
to 'help' browsing' came back to haunt me later. And be
careful, it's not just lmhosts but also there could be a host
file in \Windows directory.

So, feeling just a wee bit smarter - and earnestly hoping some
poor soul may benefit from my error...

Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

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