mounting problem on nt

Steve Gonzales gonzo at
Thu Nov 9 12:38:35 GMT 2000

Microsoft TechNet article:

I think you can find your answer there.
Apparently, Windows thinks that the Samba service in question does not
support unencrypted passwords.  This article will show you what to do...
maybe (knowing Microsoft (-: )


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I have installed the Samba on Solaris 2.6 using your UNIX_INSTALL.txt file.
I followed all the steps one by one. Went smoothly upto step 7.

As a 7th step, gave the command smbclient //machineName/service then I got
the smb prompt. I have checked the log files (2 files created) . It looks

As a 8th step mounting disk on NT.

I gave the following command on the NT

net use S: \\machineName\service
the service name I used the same as Unix.

it asks the password. I gave the password too.

the error message displayed on NT

"System error 1240 has occured
The account is not authorized to login from this station."

I have checked the log files (2 files were created).  Both has 0 bytes.

Could you please advise me where would be the mistake?


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