mounting problem on nt

Kaleeswaran Velu kvelu at
Thu Nov 9 03:30:22 GMT 2000


I have installed the Samba on Solaris 2.6 using your UNIX_INSTALL.txt file.
I followed all the steps one by one. Went smoothly upto step 7.

As a 7th step, gave the command smbclient //machineName/service then I got
the smb prompt. I have checked the log files (2 files created) . It looks

As a 8th step mounting disk on NT.

I gave the following command on the NT

net use S: \\machineName\service
the service name I used the same as Unix.

it asks the password. I gave the password too.

the error message displayed on NT

"System error 1240 has occured
The account is not authorized to login from this station."

I have checked the log files (2 files were created).  Both has 0 bytes.

Could you please advise me where would be the mistake?


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