ARGHHHH! Simple problem I'm sure.

King, Dwayne dwayne.king at
Mon Nov 6 13:41:07 GMT 2000

>Are you _really_ sure samba.pwd is the right file in the right 
>directory? Does it have correct entries?

You were right on the money there.  Didn't know about that.  So I recreated
the pw file, in the appropriate directory, and the correct entries are in
there.  Additionally, I have verified that all the UID's match those in

I tried clearing out the logs, and then trying exactly one login.  What I
got was the following repeated exactly 30 times:

[2000/11/06 08:36:05, 0] passdb/smbpass.c:(179)
  getsmbfilepwent: uids in the smbpasswd file must not be negative.
[2000/11/06 08:36:05, 1] smbd/password.c:(511)
  Account for user 'dking' was disabled.

Upon checking, the UID for nobody is -2 in /etc/passwd   Is this normal?
Can I change this to any positive integer and not affect other system
things?  Any signigicance to the number 30?

Basically, any test from the troubleshooting list that requires a password
("smbclient -L myserver", "smbclient '\\myserver\tmp") doesn't work, but all
the others do ("nmblookup -B myserver __SAMBA__ ,"nmblookup -B myclient
'*'", "nmblookup -d 2'*'")

Thanks again.  You've been a great help.


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